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Walnut Creek Newborn Photography | Baby B Lifestyle Session

January 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Clients often ask whether a studio session or in-home session is best. The answer is - it really depends on your particular circumstance! I usually recommend in-home sessions when there are older siblings involved - it's a long time to expect them to be entertained in my small studio plus they're generally more comfortable in their own environment. If the lighting in your home is particularly dark, then I suggest coming to the studio anyway and maybe taking two cars or prepping dad to take the older sibling on a solo adventure once we're done with family portraits. I also focus more on posing the baby with various props in my studio sessions, whereas home sessions are more lifestyle based and include elements from around your home!

In-home sessions do have their challenges though, mostly for me, since I don't know what I'm walking into. But that's sort of the fun of it - I get to go hunt for yummy light. In this session I literally posed baby up against a big sliding door - it was crazy stormy and gloomy out so while their home probably typically had amazing light, I needed to get as close as I could to the light source. Thankfully the baby was an ANGEL and slept the entire session!!



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