Eva Baker Photography | Walnut Creek Newborn Photography | Baby W Studio Session

Walnut Creek Newborn Photography | Baby W Studio Session

January 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Once in a while photographers talk about "dream babies" - you know, the ones that sleep the entire session, don't poop on your stuff, and are basically just the cutest ever?? Enter Weston. The ultimate Dream Baby! He slept like a rock, didn't poop on anything and basically made my job super easy. Plus his sister is the cutest ever (I photographed her as a newborn too so this was extra fun for me).

See what I mean? She basically walked into the studio, looked around and then just did what I told her. And she's 3... ?!?! I'm pretty sure 3 year olds are programmed to not listen, do the exact opposite, jostle their baby brother/sister around like a bag of popcorn, whine, whatever. But not this sweet girl. I wanted to take her home with me :D

So there you have it - Dream Baby in action. 


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