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My baby is almost ONE!

March 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I don't even know where the year went. I'm pretty sure I just had a newborn. I FEEL like I just had a newborn. But alas, my unicorn baby is turning one in a few days and I'm sort of beside myself. When Emily was a baby, let's just say she wasn't the "easiest". Paired with being a first-time mom and not really knowing the beauty of what I had in the moment until the next phase came on and was, to my dismay, harder than the last, I feel like I was always in a hurry for her to get older. To get past the fussy phase. To get past the crawling phase, because obviously walking would be easier. To get to the talking phase because that's easier than pointing and squeaking at things. If only I knew!

When I had Dominic I knew he was our last. And that probably made me hold on to his babyness even more, but he's also just about the most laid back baby on the planet. I first heard the term "unicorn baby" when he was around 3 months old and friend used the term on her little girl. A unicorn baby: 'one that never fusses, sleeps through the night super early on and basically is so magical it's gotta be a myth'. Enter Dominic. My unicorn baby. Slept 5 hour stretches at night from the day he was born. The nurses said it wouldn't last. But I feel like the universe owed me this magical baby. If you know my daughter, you know I'm right. My daughter has the energy, spunk and sass of a 13 year old. She's the poster child for the term "threenager". And I love her to pieces, all of it, but it's downright exhausting at times and I'm thankful I have a little balance in my home {for now}.

Now he's close to walking, splurting out his first words, starting to be opinionated and getting dangerously close to toddlerhood. I'm one glass of wine shy of becoming that creepy mom in the "I love you forever" book who goes into her son's room every night and rocks him "back and forth, back and forth". But can you blame me...?

And have I mentioned he's obsessed with Emily? OBSESSED. 


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