Eva Baker Photography | Walnut Creek Newborn Photography | Baby C Studio Session

Walnut Creek Newborn Photography | Baby C Studio Session

March 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

It's quite possible that this was the most fun I've had photographing a newborn. Not only was baby Cam the EASIEST baby of all time, but his mama and I go waaaaay back. She was the first friend I made when I moved to the US from Germany as a little kid and although we moved {somewhat} apart at age 10, we stayed friends long after. Photographing her baby was so fun and so full-circle. It's weird when your childhood friends have babies (not like I don't already feel old what with all the gray hairs my own kids have given me). 

I recently watched a webinar by the ultra talented Kristen Cooke who talked about the "moments in between". Those sweet seconds where a baby stretches, yawns, makes funny faces and just IS. It's not something I ever photographed in the past but recently with my own children I've moved away from always having them pose for me and work instead on capturing the moments where they're being them because those, truly, are the moments I will want to remember when I'm older. So I don't set down my camera as much anymore. I don't focus on just the "perfect" moments. Because the seconds in between are the moments where the magical things happen...

Can you believe this kid's smile?!?!?! He did that ALL SESSION LONG!

And of course, since he was SUCH an angel, I decided to play with some poses I don't always do...


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